‘The world is endless; the music doesn’t stop.’ Frankie Reyes looks to ‘techno-indigenous’ composers like Mort Garson and Steve Roach for hisPrivate Playlist.” – KCRW

Private Playlist is a listening session with Southern California’s most notable musical figures in their private creative environments.

Frankie Reyes is one of the myriad creative aliases of Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, an electronic polymath who has also recorded as Gifted & Blessed (GB), Julian Abelar, The Reflektor, Abstract Eye, and more. As Frankie Reyes, he draws broadly upon his Puerto Rican heritage for elegant minimalist interpretations of traditional music. His most recent release is 2020’s “Originalitos” on Stones Throw, who also released Reyes-Whittaker’s music as The Steoples with vocalist Yeofi Andoh. The hyper-prolific producer also runs his own imprint, (fittingly) called GIFTED & BLESSED.

For this edition of Private Playlist, Frankie Reyes spins the music that influenced his own discipline of “techno-indigenous studies,” including tracks by Mort Garson, Hiroshi Yoshimura, and Steve Roach.

“The world is endless; the music doesn’t stop.” — Frankie Reyes

FRANKIE REYES: When I went over the songs that are really drawing me in these days, I always like to tell people that the theme that I go for is something I call “techno-indigenous studies.” That’s a marriage between the technological or modern with the indigenous or traditional. As that pertains to what I’m listening to right now, [it’s] music from different parts of the world translating modern technology, or the other way around, modern technology translating music from different parts of the world. I’m coming across a lot of pretty interesting stuff these days that I would categorize that way.